Friday, October 20, 2017

Grade 1 Collaborative Storytelling

Today was a good day.

We spent most of the morning collaborating on a story we helped make for Traveling Tales. The kids were really into making the story, and this time I was more comfortable since I remembered what had happened last time. This time I pushed the story along more instead of waiting too long for more ideas. Once I heard a good idea we moved on to the next part so putting the pieces together did not take too long.

After we all talked together about the story by recapping what happened first. We recapped the first part of the story frame-by-frame.

When we moved on to brainstorming what could happen next, the students tried to write the entire rest of the story including the ending, so I then showed them that there are, in fact, five different classes making the story. We reviewed the Story Mountain and how the part we were writing, the build-up, was still in the beginning of the story, so you can't give away the ending yet!

Brainstorming as a class allowed me to show students how a title should have something to do with the story (and at their age, everything to do with the story). We talked about a lot of vocabulary: pyramiddesert, haunted, cool downthirsty; and I could talk with them about how we were given a title "The Haunted Pyramid", so maybe [definitely] they should keep that in mind when they are in groups drawing their pictures.

Each of the 5 parts in the story has 5 parts. So, the build-up has five parts; which is nice since we have five table groups. I asked all students to draw a picture. In their respective groups, they were then to show their group members the picture they had drawn and vote, or decide somehow, whose picture would be selected so each group would have one picture.

I remember thinking how well it was going and I remember thinking that this is what teaching should look like.

I even remembered to add the annotations in Adobe Spark this time so when the recordings were muddled, the other groups could still see what the story was.

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  1. I like how all the groups came together to create one final product in Adobe Spark. One of my classes is working on beginning, middle, end, and I could see something like this working well for it. Thanks for sharing!