Monday, October 22, 2018

Me as a Learner

This first unit has been interesting for me. I am back in the Grade 4 classroom after a six-year hiatus. But what a journey the last 6 years have been! I taught a combined Grade 1-2 class for three years, then an MYP Year 5 class for two, then last year I taught Grade 1. I never would have imagined that path when I moved out of the G4 classroom.

Our first unit has been Who We Are focusing on teaching and learning. The initial idea I had was for the students to share what they learned about themselves after/while doing their Passion Projects. I think that could have worked, but one night, in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, I had an idea.

Using the image above, students would write the factors that help them learn - external factors on the outside and internal factors on the inside. I am not even sure if "factors" is the right word, it might better be called "traits".

The idea is that this will be an ongoing (living) poster that can be added to and changed over the year.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Summer Doing

Looking around my PLN, it is hard not to feel envious of the accomplishments everyone is making. I must be following the right people. If you had a great summer, congratulations!

I felt like I was treading water - not moving anywhere in my own journey.

So I decided to sit down and write out what I did [professionally] this summer.

* Completed a course to gain credits for recertification
* Started learning Scratch
* Became an MIE
* Became a Screencastify Ambassador
* Renewed my driver's license
* Made it to the "new" Twins stadium
* Created new extension

What I am realizing I haven't done is take some time for myself and just try to relax a little bit. We go back to orientation in two weeks, so maybe I can take a day trip or two and just unplug for a little bit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Six Video Project Ideas

This summer I watched a webinar about video project ideas offered by School Tube University.

Instead of writing up notes, I made an infographic.