Monday, January 4, 2016

International School Coaching Chat

I was lucky to meet Diana Beabout in person when she took a trip to Taiwan and made a stop in our school. She took an hour out of her afternoon one day to meet with myself and Victor to discuss coaching and what it could look like at KAS.

It was an amazing hour of information that left my head spinning.

What struck me to the most was when she said there had been a coaching conference before the iPad Summit in Malaysia and how that was interesting because there are not any conferences for coaches. My mind started to wander towards finding a way to get a conference at KAS.

That is something over which I have very little control however, and I thought a Twitter hashtag would be more manageable to start.

random end of the year picture

Using Twitter allowed international educators, coaches, and administrators to come together to share ideas. Fortunately, the hashtag caught on and there have been some great sharing and slow chats.

Today I realized that this hashtag has been like a continuing education course for me. Thank you to all who have participated, and I invite anyone who wants to participate. Here's to more conversations about coaching in 2016.

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