Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Makes a Good Boss?

I've had several jobs in my life. By my rough count, I'm at around 20. That is 20+ people who have been in charge of looking out to make sure that I succeed.

A few years ago I would have phrased that last sentence differently, but I have come to realize that those in positions of authority are also in positions where they are responsible for their subordinates (for lack of a better word) success.

So, what makes a good boss in my opinion?

A good boss ...

This is especially improtant for me since I need, thrive, on talking out my ideas. This isn't only for my benefit, good bosses know that listening leads to understanding.

Listening blurs into being generous with time. Those in leadership positions have to deal with a lot of stuff. I respect those leaders who recognize that it is as important to take time for those they serve, as their other tasks.

Asks for others' opinions
When leaders ask for, and act upon the opinions of others, it builds self efficacy. When I was first asked my opinion on an imporant topic, I was taken aback. It was a welcome change from the past, and it probably increases motivation and loyalty.

If leaders ask and ignore opinions too often however, it can leave people confused and angry.

Delegates tasks meaningfully
Good bosses don't give busy work. They look to increase peoples' capacity to perform better by delegating challenging tasks.

Looks to help instead of criticize
Criticism does not solve problems. It only makes people angry and hurt.

Has a clear vision
This was something that drew me to my current school. A strong and bold vision helps motivate and drive me forward.


(This list was built on their ideas, tailored for me.)
Other blogs also do leadership posts, and I have read too many to pinpoint exactly where some of these ideas first came from.

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