Saturday, November 10, 2012

Field Trip to the Past

Yesterday we went on a fild trip for our unit Finding Out About the Past.

In our inquiry into how the Earth changes and the different animals from the past, we talked about how scientists find clues in the ground and piece together a story.

I wanted the students to see an actual site, and fortunately there are several historical villages around Sendai and the Tohoku region from the Jomon Period.

 This was the first time I took them out on a field trip, and they had such interesting questions. Next time we go I think I will have them either write them down, or better yet, record them so we can talk about them later.

Since we are currently studying geometry, we discussed the shapes they saw in the houses. The highlight of that was when they drew the houses, one girl drew a heart on hers.

The world needs more hearts.

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