Sunday, December 13, 2015

If Students Aren't Socializing While Using Tech, You're Using It Wrong

The above clip was taken at our Hour of Code event. These first graders were helping each other work through a coding app. They would then periodically cheer when they accomplished something.

While I was watching this, I kept thinking of the editorial in the Washington Post called "I gave my students iPads — then wished I could take them back". 

I was biased from the start since I think iPads are a great learning tool. I can see uses for them throughout K-12. If you have the right apps on them - apps that allow for creativity, visual thinking, and flexibility in demonstrating their skills. 

  • Students should be pushed to share knowledge and teach each other.
  • Students should be encouraged to help each other overcome technical challenges (without doing the action for the studetn who needs help).
  • Students should be free to express themselves while working, and be free to have a quiet space when they need it.

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