Monday, June 16, 2014

Continental Draft

A while back at one of our school's PD days I was introduced to a video call Austin's Butterfly Drafts.

This video shows the power feedback and how students can improve through the feedback cycle.

We are in how we organize ourselves unit we are studying communities and I found an opportunity for the students to use each others critiques to make their original map better.

The students are reading a book called Me on the Map. We are making a flip book based on Me on the Map that starts as continent and moves to country, city, street, house and down through the layers to the students own bedroom.

Yesterday I had students draw a picture of Asia. I did project an image of it and passed out some iPads so that they could have the image to look at while they drew.

Some students surprisingly could do a really good job, and others were rather lazy with their drawings and could clearly improve.

Today I showed the kids the video about Austin and we talked about how they could improve their own work. Students were very interested to try it out.

Since it was their first time doing this activity, and we did this as a whole class instead of breaking into smaller groups it took a long time. They were all very interested in helping others, however they were not so interested in hearing critiques from other students. I had to keep reminding them that this was for their own benefit.

However when it came time for the students to do their second draft of Asia, they were much, much better.

This lesson took more than an hour, however it was well worth the time. I'm hoping that this lesson will help them think about how they draw their subsequent drafts, and maybe it will seep into how they think about all their work. We will have to do this more often though so it becomes engrained into their thinking.

There was one boy who I actually think did not do as well the second time. That might be because his first draft was so good.

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