Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It happened before I even knew it. The lesson I had planned for was being delayed because it required the assistant who was tending to her sick child at home. These things happen in the dynamic environment that is a school.

I am always amazed -- and sometimes disheartened -- by the power  a few have to influence the many in some classrooms. This year my student population is in the single digits, and I am teaching younger kids, so I am seeing it more.

But when it is positive, it can be a great thing.

Today I asked some of my students to read quietly while the others worked on a word family "slider". After a few minutes one of the more dominate girls in the class told me she didn't want to read and asked if she could create a book instead.

Working hard

How could I say no to that?

Right after I said yes, other students decided that sounded like a good idea and they started writing a book too. Hopefully this fire will continue to burn long enough so we can make something for our library's newly created Young Publisher's Club.

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