Friday, March 16, 2012

Spacial Prodigy

For the past two days I have been substituting in the Kindergarten classroom while the regularly-scheduled-teacher is recovering from an illness.

It has been an exciting opportunity and a return to my roots so to speak, since I first started working in schools as a kindergarten assistant.

Today something kind of blew my mind.

I started to do the plan I had - math. But after about 15 minutes the kids revolted and wanted to play Legos.

I see real value in playing with Legos. I spent a large portion of my childhood surrounded by blocks on the carpet.

Anyway, I took out a book called Planting a Rainbow. I was looking for a picture I could use as a model for them to make.

 I found my picture.

One boy finished and I asked him what it was. He told me I was looking at it all wrong.


I can't wait until I have this kid in my Grade 1-2 class next year.

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