Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Problem With Collaboration

I love collaboration and I love working on a team. I believe that talking with others brings out the best in me. I feel that I am the type of person who thrives when having a sounding board.
My coworker and I are teaching summer school this summer and we are in charge of putting the program together.

No problem.

We drafted a letter to send home to the parents that included what we would be studying (ecology by using the school garden) and the questions we would be initially posing to the students (expecting that they would be coming up with their own along the way).

So my coworker sent the first draft to the headmaster who sent it around to some other leaders in the school.

One thing I learned when I first started teaching was that if you put ten teachers in a room, you would get ten different opinions about the way things should go. That seems to be the way it is and has been rare in my young career that two teachers have the same outlook.

So we sent this draft around and as of now a week later, it has undergone six or seven revisions with each revision being tweaked and having clip art added.

Wouldn't this process be more efficient if we were all in a room together working on this? Maybe making a Google Doc would be good so we could all edit it at the same time. Maybe we could be given an hour to make all the edits we wanted and at the end of the hour we would have to finish.

I guess my main problem with this is that if we are not trusted to do this, would this be better left in the hands of those who are trusted?

How is it possible to streamline collaboration? How can I make this problem work out more smoothly?

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