Sunday, July 31, 2016

Coaching Plan

One of the drawbacks to trying to complete this course over the summer is that I am relatively on my own. While I could send emails to my coworkers who are off resting during their break, I prefer to not bother them. So there are a few things I could not do to make this plan more robust, but school starts in two weeks, and at that time I can make the necessary changes that need to be made.

Throughout the summer I had been writing down my ideas for the upcoming year. So when we got to this point, I had something I could fall back on (see Jim Collins Good to Great). But it didn't come to me at first and I had to play with a few ideas before I had my plan. The first plan I made didn't have a school-wide goal. Which could be OK because I will be able to go to school tomorrow and talk to someone, but the group I chose to use was not very solid. That's when I thought back and decided to use the Elementary Team.

I am excited to get this plan underway for a few reasons. It ...

  • is aligned with school's goal
  • gets teachers talking with each other about tech integration
  • creates transparency among teachers. Transparency leads to more ideas.

Again, this is not a final plan, but a direction I want to take.

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