Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Works For Me, Might Not Work For You

This is the current construction across from KAS. They are doing the massive project of putting the train tracks underground so this space above ground can become a park with biking trails.

How could a vision like this have come about? I would like to have heard the other opinions in the room during that meeting -- both for and against.

It took a strong leader committed to this vision to see a project like this through (and I can't wait until it's finished).


I have always been a seeker of ideas and advice. When I first started teaching I was surrounded by over 60 years of experience ... and those were just the three people I worked closest with.

I would often go seeking advice and sometimes it would find me. In the beginning, I took everything I could and tried it all. After a while, I started to see that advice I took was working less and less.

I think I could have corrected that trend if I had tried working more with the person giving advice -- a conversation would have gone a long way to building understanding on both sides. Then the two parties could have worked together to come up with a solution that fits the problem.

What works for me, might not work for you.

I started thinking about this after listening to Simon Sinek. He talked about finding your own vision, and using it as a filter for when receiving advice.


Going back to the bicycle track -- that must have taken a strong vision to filter out the dissenting voices.

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