Saturday, November 7, 2015

Time and Space

The Learning Technology Strategic Plan has three parts: Lead -- Collaborate -- Share.

When drafting the coaching plan for KAS, I kept thinking of how teachers currently feel disconnected from teachers in other departments or parts of the building. Yet, when I observed teachers or learning working together, I saw great collaboration and idea sharing.

KAS has had a group of teachers called the Tech Ambassadors (TAs). The TAs are the innovators of the school, knowledgeable with tech, and able to help others when they had questions. When I arrived, the Tech Ambassadors met every other month.

From my point of view, these teachers needed to spend more time together. I thought long and hard about creating some sort of discussion forum where conversations could take place, but there is something magical that happens when ideas are shared face-to-face.

I read something about time and space needed for innovation to take place. (This might have been from Sam Sheratt from the blog Time Space Education.) So, I figured if we could make the time in the form of more frequent and focused, 20-minute meetings where teachers have a chance to bring lessons they are doing in the classroom to get feedback, it would help create a culture of sharing.

We begin our journey in a few weeks at our next meeting.

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