Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Listen

The other day I felt like talking with my best friend. That term is a little strange since I haven't lived near him in 13 years, and it might be a one-way feeling, but that's how I feel all the same.

So I was feeling that I needed to email him to talk out some things I had on my mind. Then the next day I got an email from him.

Then when I replied to his message, I unloaded.

That was probably the wrong timing and I know I caught him off guard.

I explained my issue and he replied and all was going well until it wasn't. Suddenly he was offering advice I didn't want. All it seems I wanted was someone who I could trust with airing my issue rather than looking for advice.

I wonder how much I jump in and offer advice when teachers are not looking for it. I wonder if that is an option teachers should have when meeting with me. I wonder what I could look for to determine if that is how someone feels during a coaching meeting.

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