Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Better Communicate?

When I was a homeroom teacher, communication and understanding took on a different form than my current role as a technology coach. 

I feel like communication in my lower elementary classroom was me as more of an authoritative figure who could dictate when and how students would make themselves clear when I did not understand them. I was also directing the learning, so I knew, or could predict their lines of questioning.

This picture really has nothing to do with this post.
SJSA Fourth Grade - The Longest Year in My Life!, 

Now, however, I am on the outside and people come to me with ideas. The role is new to the school, so a culture is still being established. This has meant a lot of what I am doing is last-minute, can-you-come-in-later-today-to-teach-X?-type lessons. I'm not complaining, I just realize that the program needs to move to one of the coach joining planning sessions if there is to be a mind-shift in people's perceptions of coaching in the school.

Knowing I cannot change others, what can I do ot better communicate?
  • Don't jump to answer right away
  • Instead of answering with a solution, answer with a question
  • Ask better questions
  • Better empathasize
  • Approach conversations looking for a win-win

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