Saturday, August 25, 2012

Class Needs

I was doing some planning on the day before school when I saw a Tweet from @whatedsaid about the the beginning of the school year.

I did/do not really know what my new grade level can do, but I knew there were some ideas I could not apply to a class of first and second graders. I did think that we could spend some time talking about how they learn and what they need to learn.

I stood at the whiteboard and asked them, "What do you need to learn?" At first I was getting answers about physical materials -- which is not what I was looking for -- but I wrote all the ideas on the board while trying to guide the students.

After one student said "Responsible" things started flowing (although immediately it was just the students regurgitating the school ESLRs.

Eventually we came to a list that we agreed on and I put the list in Wordle.

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