Thursday, March 1, 2012

Action and Outcome Graphic Organizer

I have a student ... make that two students ... who are in fourth grade and love Percy Jackson books. They love them. It must be because they both have older brothers who like and have read them as well.

When I saw one of the students reading the fourth book in the series yesterday, I went online to find a discussion guide since I have not read them.

One discussion guide I found mentioned that young readers should use a cause and effect graphic organizer while they read to keep track of major events.

I was not satisfied with the graphic organizers I found through. I felt that along with the cause and effect, there should be another two columns.

My organizer has:
Character - This is where the student writes the character's name who makes an action.
Problem - This is the problem the character had to face.
Character's Action - This is for the details of the character's action.
Outcome - Here, the outcome of the event can be written.

I am going to have to make a small Percey Jackson reading group and try this out.

(No longer available. Time to make a new one.)

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