Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Cost of Education

I am interested in studying ESL as a postgraduate degree. I am at least looking into some sort of ESL credential since certificates are a big deal here in Japan.

Last week I opened my Gmail inbox to find a MAT advertisment at the top of my new emails. I usually ignore them, but this one was from USC.

So I emailed the recruiter asking for more information. After getting a reply, I asked if they had some sort of ESL program, and they do.

The next day my wife told me she looked into it and said that the program costs $40,000. I told her there was no way that it cost that much. It is only a one year program after all.

I went to my computer and emailed the recruiter and sure enough, the total comes out to just over $40,000.

I guess that I am living as if it is still 1999, but who can afford $40,000 for one year of education? This has me rethinking how I will get ESL certification. Maybe I should just take several courses as I have the experience working with non-native English speakers everyday.

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