Friday, November 3, 2017

A Simple Drive Folder Structure for Turning In Assignments

Google Classroom is the most popular way to share files with students. I was excited to finally be able to use this tool when I was teaching MYP Design at my last school.

The interface of Classroom is very easy to use. It is a great way to share files, assignments, and information with students.

I ran into issues with Classroom when I did not specify how I wanted assignments turned in. Once I received an assignment that most students submitted as a GSlide or GDoc, as a series of pictures. It was frustrating, so I went looking at alternatives.

The above method was what my teaching partner used.

Basically ...

  1. The teacher creates a folder for the class in the teachers Drive. 
  2. The teacher then has students create folders for the class in their own Drives. Students should label their folders with their names. For their own organization, they should also put the class title in the folder name.
  3. The student then shares the folder he/she created back with the teacher.
  4. The teacher moves the student folder(s) to the class folder. After that is done, the teacher will be able to view or edit (depending on permissions) the document from within the class folder.

If you use this for assignments ...

  1. Be sure to tell students how to title their files and type of file what you want to see.
  2. Be prepared for some hiccups.
  3. You need to drag over the student folders so it might be best to do this with students in the classroom with you.

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