Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lessons Learned

Every day is a learning opportunity. Sometimes you don't need to look too hard; especially when you are learning something new yourself.

Here are a few lessons I have been reminded of the first few weeks back in the classroom.

  1. Relationships Matter
  2. Prime Students to Learn
  3. Seesaw is awesome

Relationships Matter

I think the quote goes, "Kids won't learn from people they don't like." (I think this goes for all humans.) I took time to get to know the students since I am a new teacher to the school and I didn't know anyone.

In a school, however, there are more than students in the building. I was reminded that building relationships with all people in the building because you never know who you will need to turn to for help.

Prime Students to Learn

This I didn't do this year. I was so focused on getting to know the kids that I [tried to] jumped into the learning, but soon found out they weren't ready. Now in the third week, they still aren't ready, but they are getting better. 

Next year, I would spend the first-week building relationships and priming the students to learn while doing some project-based learning. 

Seesaw is Awesome

I was so happy when I heard that my new school was going to Seesaw this year, and it hasn't disappointed. 

Parents are happy to see students in action at school, and I am happy to share with them. I don't remember a year with better communication between myself and the parents.

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