Sunday, June 12, 2016

Digital Citizenship is Everyone's Responsibility

The mantra of many international schools, and it should be, is that all teachers are English teachers. Students, especially non-native students, need to be receiving a constant, consistent message about how to communicate.

Grading some projects, I found some students taking liberties with material found on the internet and found some students copying code when writing HTML.

You can tell it's copied when the code has elements that are inconsistent:

I wonder if this student thought it was OK to copy and paste from a site without a citation. Surely this student knows this is a no-no in English or History class. But why try it in a blog post or when making a website?

I take responsibility for not being explicit enough, and/or not repeating the message enough in my class. But is this connection not being made with students? Is it a case of them thinking, "copying is wrong in this class, but not in another"?

How can I help the teachers at my school be consistent about the message we give?

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