Saturday, July 27, 2013

Volunteering at the Neighborhood Festival

The beginning of the festival in a gym - this would be backed before long
A lady at my tennis school lives in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago I heard that she was in charge of setting things up for the neighborhood festival, and since I am interested in volunteering more, I told my wife that I want to get involved somehow. Today was the day of the festival, so my wife called the lady and said I am interested in helping out and she said I should show up at 3:30.

I got there and went to my area's booth (the cotton candy and popcorn booth)  at 2:30 just in case there was anything I could help out with, but they said there wasn't anything and to come back at 3:30. When I came back (on time this time) I talked to a guy at our booth who looked like he was in charge. He showed me around and had me practice making cotton candy a few times. Making cotton candy is harder than it looks. I bombed both times I tried and the guy asked me if I would rather help get the cups of sugar ready to pour into the machine. That I could do.

There I was scooping sugar in front of a wall of people while Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" and the odd mix of pop and rap when I got the call to step up and relieve someone making cotton candy. This time went better and for the next few hours I alternated between pouring sugar and making cotton candy with a mix of Western music and Japanese cultural dances.

Everyone at the booth was very friendly and it was a good way to get to know some of the people living in my neighborhood.

Unfortunately the fireworks were cancelled due to rain.

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