Thursday, June 2, 2011

Role Play

Today I video taped the lesson for this class. Splicing the video was a real challenge since I am not used to using a Mac and I thought that creating the video in iMovie would be the best choice. That was a headache.

The lesson went really well. It was the first time that I have incorporated role play into a lesson. Wow! The students really enjoyed that aspect. They liked it so much that they begged to extend the lesson. When I asked what they liked about it, they said that they liked feeling that they were actually an artist [in this case] and one student said that they wanted to continue it.

I was really surprised by this. First of all I didn't expect that they would like it so much, but then they took the activity seriously on top of that. Especially for EAL students, this will be a powerful tool next year.

As for the inquiry part of the lesson, that surprised me as well. I had several parts of the lesson planned, but didn't do any of them since the students were so engaged with the first part of it. I need to examine this lesson and think of the parts that made it special, then use those for future lessons.

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