Wednesday, April 11, 2018

QR Codes in the School

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Aurasma and School Play Programs
When  I went to a PD event at Yokohama International School a few years ago, when walking through the building they had student work displayed, along with the Aurasma codes. It was awesome, but I couldn't see them because I had an iPod (with no internet connection). There was nothing I could do.

But the art without the explanations was nice nevertheless.

At another school, the administrator was telling the audience to access the concert program using a QR Code. I thought it was an awesome idea that saved paper, but again, how could I get a QR Code reader without having WiFi access?

The Seesaw Connection
We use Seesaw as our portfolios and parental communication. A few weeks ago I learned that student work can be printed with a QR code. This is a powerful way for students to share their work with students in other classes within the school.

We are currently in the WASC accreditation process and some of the criteria ask for ways we are teaching. In order to get that evidence, we are going to go into each other's classrooms to look for those criteria.

While I think we should be going into each others' classrooms, we could have more dynamic evidence right in the hallways.

Some ideas
  1. Not everyone has a QR Code Reader App installed on their phones, so why not open up the WiFi to the public? I understand why schools don't do this, I think they should, then how about changing the Guest password each week/month? The point is to give guests access to WiFi to download apps to access the learning.
  2. If you are going to go this route, it might be good to send a note to the community beforehand recommending a specific app for both Android devices and iPhones. While there are many, not all work the same, and some have annoying ads. Spend some time researching a few options, then give the community ample warning.
  3. Let's get the community into schools more often. 

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