Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Creator Chat

Since I discovered it, I have spread the news about Book Creator to whoever will listen. So when I saw that Book Creator was looking for ambassadors, I thought I might as well have a title for what I am doing anyway.

Then late this spring the Book Creator team sent out an email asking for help with the chat series they were going to have over the summer. Thinking I would have nothing to do, I signed up for the chat on June 29th. But as the chat drew closer, things my schedule started getting tighter. I am staying with my in-laws this summer and in addition to the work to do around the house, I am volunteering at a local school and looking for a place to live for next year across the country.

I am glad I went through with it but there are a few things to watch out for when hosting a Twitter Chat.

  • time differences - do you know the exact time the chat will happen?
  • international collaboration - how engaged are you? do you have a plan?
  • chat timing - what else is going on?
  • questioning - do you have questions that will engage everyone joining?

See below for the full chat. Or click here if it is not showing up.

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