Friday, June 6, 2014

Life After High School - A Student Council Event

I knew it was a good idea when I heard it. This was the kind of event I had hoped we would have more of when I became involved in the Student Council. 

Back in January a former student emailed the current Student Council President with an idea to have former students come to the school and share their experiences. I knew it would be a great experience for the current students since they will be moving onto college from a school with less than 100 students and regular contact with only three high school teachers.

It was not easy to get it set up as there were several obstacles to overcome. There was a time when I did not think that it would ever happen.

After we had a date, it was time to gather attendees. The President reached out to the alumni through Facebook. To those who were interested in attending, the Student Council sent them a short survey to gather information about their current city, their university, majors, and the years they attended TIS.

The event itself was awesome. The alumni spoke with maturity and the current students listened because they were talking with young adults. Peer mentoring at its best.

There was a nervousness among some of the adults in the building as to how it would go. It was heightened by us being visited by two professors from a university in Fukushima.

I kept thinking about my philosophy regarding Student Council through all this: when you give students responsibility over something they truly care about, they will come through.

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