Thursday, March 13, 2014

iPad Book Creator App and Dropbox Part 2

Until today, we were playing "pass the iPad" with project to make a book about our school.

What I mean is that with Book Creator, you cannot simultaneously edit a book (that I know of), so I had the kids do something while one student was making their page.

The problem [only in the sense of time] was that the students kept tweaking their pages and after two days I had two pages of the book. That was not going to work.

Last night at home I remembered seeing a way to combine books. So today I set out to do that. Here is how it is done.

Warning: When combining books, you need to have the book you want the pages merged in to selected. (By selected I mean have the main book be the one in the center of the screen.)

Step 1 - Start at the "Home Screen"

I do not know the official name for this screen, but it is the one where you can see all of your books.

Step 2 - Click the "+" [plus]

Step 3 - Click Combine Books

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