Monday, February 27, 2012

Being Pushy

About two months ago my boss emailed a few teachers and us if we knew anything about Facebook and Twitter and if we would be interested in using those mediums to promote the school. I actually brought this idea up a few years ago, but now the idea had traction so I said I was interested in helping. I got a reply saying there would be a meeting in the next week so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then at one team meeting, we were shown what had been done with the school's new Facebook page. I was a little taken aback that I had been left out despite being invited to be apart of the project.

After some reflection though I realized that I had not been pushy enough. I am sure someone else had gone up to the boss's office and knocked the door down to be first in line.

This is merely a small market project for the school. But what if it had been an interview for a better position or job? I would have missed out completely.

I joined our social media group, but I wanted something that was mine. While searching the internet a Google AdWords Banner advertising a free $50 credit appeared at the top of the NY Times website. I emailed my boss telling him that we had to try this, and I got a reply saying that he would look into it.

After reflection on this, I decided to email my boss back. This time I told him that I know he is busy, so I would look into it for him and then answer any questions he had for me. I met with him and he told me to run with it. I just finished setting up the campaign.

I think my next PD course will be in how to sell myself.

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