Thursday, April 13, 2017

Geoboard - The Awesome Geometry Learning App

Geoboard was one of my favorite apps for the iPad, and I just found out it is also available as a Chrome App. (It is also in the Windows Store.) Geoboard is very slick, easy to use, and fun for students.

Geoboard is a virtual geoboard, so no more rubber band accidents or clean up. It is a great hands-on activity and is really good for inquiry-based learning and asking open-ended questions.
The help section (the i symbol in the bottom right) is awesome, containing lessons and links to other useful apps.

Some questions I might ask when using this with students might be ...
Using one rubber band, what 3D shape(s) can you make?
Can you make a rhombus with an area of x?
(With a given shape) Can you translate this x spaces? Can you rotate it x degrees? What would it look like flipped?

What do you need to know to determine the area of the above rectangle?

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