Saturday, August 6, 2016

Technology Integration Example

Lesson being examined:

Your goal is to identify some of the educational tasks like communication and collaboration the teachers who created this project wanted their students to complete. In addition, draw on what you learned about how technology enhances learning from the last activity to identify ways technology is being used to enhance learning in the River Yamuna example.

When I read "educational goals", I think of skills. When integrating technology, I think teachers should first look to learning outcomes/standards, and then think of what skills they want students to learn, so that is how I am approaching this assignment. 

Class 11th NCERT:-
Environmental Education Unit III, Environment Pollution and Global Issues, (Project and activity )

Collect samples of water from different sources and study their physical characteristics like turbidity, colour, odor; the measure of pH, the nature of suspended and dissolved impurities and pollutants, the presence of toxic materials like mercury, lead, arsenic, fluorine and the presence of living organisms. For testing the presence of toxic materials and living organisms the help of a local laboratory or institution may be taken, if available. 

Identify the most polluted sample of water and locate the sources of its pollution. 

Devise an action plan for mobilizing public opinion for checking the pollution. 

Skills from the lesson: (Based on above)

  • Research - Information Literacy
  • Self-management - Organization
  • Thinking - Critical Thinking
  • Communication - Communication
  • Collaboration - Collaboration 

Identify ways technology is being used to enhance learning in the River Yamuna example:
  • Computers are being used to read websites
  • Digital camera to photograph the scene (this could be substituted with the student's own cell phones)
  • Science lab tools to analyze the water samples
  • Multimedia in the presentation (I guess the presentation itself)

I'm going to take this activity one step further and try to identify an additional three ways in which technology could be used.

Making a chronology of state of Yamuna in different years post discussions with senior citizens of the area.
Create the chronology using a site such as or timeline from Knightlab.

The notes used should be created using Google Docs, or another collaborative tool.

Instead of posters, how about the students create commercials that include some footage of the interviews they did?

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