Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Evaluating Educational Apps

How do you evaluate the apps you use? Do you find your own? Do you go by recommendations you find? Are you like me and find apps, and try them out to see if they will work?

I will download anything that sounds good to try it out. I then see if it will work with my students, or matches units and/or projects being done by other elementary classes in my school. I also think about the students and their interests and skills.

We were given three resources this week to help evaluate apps:

Offering six options to evaluate tools and resources for curriculum and instruction. It is of paramount importance that you keep apps evaluative rubrics at your disposal whenever you want to recommend an app for your colleagues.

Instructional Technologist, Tony Vincent shares his rubric for vetting educational apps with emphasis on the ability to customize content or settings and how the app encourages the use of higher order thinking skills.

This compilation, developed by Amy Erin Borovoy, can assist in your search for which tool you want to use first -- This YouTube playlist includes both brief descriptions and reviews. Most of the tools featured have special websites just to support educators.

I am looking forward to using these tools to be able to take a more measured approach to my recommendations.

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