Saturday, August 11, 2018

Summer Doing

Looking around my PLN, it is hard not to feel envious of the accomplishments everyone is making. I must be following the right people. If you had a great summer, congratulations!

I felt like I was treading water - not moving anywhere in my own journey.

So I decided to sit down and write out what I did [professionally] this summer.

* Completed a course to gain credits for recertification
* Started learning Scratch
* Became an MIE
* Became a Screencastify Ambassador
* Renewed my driver's license
* Made it to the "new" Twins stadium
* Created new extension

What I am realizing I haven't done is take some time for myself and just try to relax a little bit. We go back to orientation in two weeks, so maybe I can take a day trip or two and just unplug for a little bit.

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