Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Biggest Regret

I don't like to ruminate, but I do catch myself wishing I could have done things differently in the past.

It was the first month into a coaching position that was new to both me and the school. I was asked for some ideas for math ... I had some, but I also had an awesome math book. I am embarrassed to admit what I did next - I went to this teacher's room, handed the book over, and said something like, "Read this. It's good."

No offer to come in.
No observation.
This issue didn't have anything to do with tech and I was a technology coach after all.

If I could do it over I would go in and observe. Then I would meet with the teacher. I would then go through the book and pick a few (3-4 perhaps) of the ideas out and make a menu from which the teacher could choose. I would brainstorm ideas along with the teacher how to make it work.
I would then offer to model or co-teach a lesson.

That's what I would do now anyway.

I want to think that this particular decision wouldn't have made a big difference in my time as a tech coach. But then again, maybe had I worked more closely with the teacher I could have gotten more teachers on board faster.

And it wouldn't be weighing on my mind even now.

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