Sunday, August 7, 2016

Putting Your Learning into Practice

In this activity, we are asked to work with another teacher. Since it is summer, I am going to pull a lesson from our Atlas Rubicon and go this one alone to get practice coming up with suggestions.

I'm not sure if it's because of the summer, but lately, I have been trying to brainstorm ideas for interesting lesson ideas but have been coming up flat.

Ask if they have an activity that the two of you might improve through collaboration.

Character stories - Realism/Fantasy/Plays

Review the information about ways that technology might enhance learning from the last activity with your learning partner.  

Questions to ask ...

How could we add a real-world problem to this unit?
Are there any tools that might scaffold learning?
How can we provide more opportunities for feedback, revising, and reflection?
How can we give students access to quality information, primary documents, or points of view not available otherwise?
How can we allow students to engage in learning activities that would otherwise be infeasible (examples: human/animal anatomy, or online scientific investigations)?
How can we differentiate learning for students with different needs?
How can we help students understand abstract concepts?
How can we help student gather information, organize, synthesize, analyze information and draw conclusions?.
How can we foster student discovery of a concept or construction of their own understanding of a concept?
How can we enable students to share ideas and collaborate with remote groups?
How can we help students receive feedback on their work from outside the classroom?
How can we enable students to participate in the democratic process?

Now review the common learning tasks- communication, collaboration, gather and analyze information and creatively share their learning- with you peer.

Students will read and write during this unit. They will also


gather and analyze information

creatively share their learning


Writing a Play
Write a play with Characters, Setting, including a problem and solution.

Language Arts (HM Theme 3)
·           Compound words
·           Synonyms
·           Action verbs
·           Suffix –able
·           Main verbs & helping verbs
·           Word endings ­–edand –ing
·           Syllables
·           Past/present/future tenses

Performing in a play
This is an oral and visual assessment. Must include props and work on voice.

Identify ways that some or all of those are present in the learning activity your peer wants to improve.
This unit has been

Discuss ways to improve the lesson, and incorporate the changes the two of you agree on.

Once you are through revising the activity, take some time to debrief the process.
    • Be sure to ask you peer what was helpful about the process you followed and
    • What they might suggest you do differently next time.

Idea - Sway

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