Monday, August 1, 2016

Making the Linkage

After reviewing both the teacher standards and the student standards, think about a learning activity you, or one of the teachers you might coach, are currently offering to students.

  • How can you use the ideas found in the NETS-S to integrate technology effectively?
One way I am using the ISTE Standards is by giving examples of what the standards look like in the form of a Scope and Sequence. We adopted our technology standards around the 2007 ISTE Student Standards, and we are building upon the Scope and Sequence developed by Singapore American School. The examples in Slide 4 will eventually be linked to a blog post/video explaining/showing the lesson.

I hope to complete a linked document showing the development from standard to lesson in a hyperdoc format. Below is a sample.

For me, a large part of the coaching role is to help teachers help themselves. (Give someone a fish ...)

As a teacher, reviewing the Student Standards can help me see the larger path for students to take. The Student Standards show many ways in which students should be taught.

  • How could the ideas found in the NETS-T guide you, or your peer, to develop the skills you need to integrate technology into this learning activity effectively?
Like any standard, the NETS-T are goals to reach. I should be reviewing the standards when lesson planning to see if there is anything in there that might help me advance my lesson. Often I forget which skills I want the students to learn, so reviewing the standards could help me remember a skill that could be easily integrated or discover one I hadn't thought of before.  


  1. How are these ideas in Part B and Part C above consistent with your thoughts about how technology enhances student learning?  
  2. How do these ideas align with the ideas your colleagues outlined when they talked about how and why these use technology?
  3. What are some ideas you have on how to coach your peers to incorporate some of these ways to integrate technology to enhance learning?

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