Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Don't Have Time To Integrate Technology

Last year I felt like I was moving at warp speed for most of the year. Last week we finished the New Year Orientation and fortunately I didn't have that feeling quite as much. Still, it was a week where I wish there was more time. 

One day of orientation we broke the faculty into groups and had conversations about how we integrate technology into our classrooms. 

I first joined the PE teachers (since that is a subject I would like to work with more this year) and was able to listen to their reflections. I also heard some strong opinions as to why it doesn't work.

I was then pulled into the math teachers group where I heard some opinions that sounded similar.

There is no time to integrate technology
I have things that need to be covered
Students are not interested in staying inside for that sort of thing
The big creative projects are great, but I have to prepare my students for their IB exams

I put these comments in the back of my mind. I see them as challenges; not only to the teachers, but these are challenges I will have this year.

Then I was talking with a different teacher [on a different day] about her ideas. She got an idea from another teacher to teach tools along the way, and then give the students the freedom to choose how they want to show their learning.

I want to have a conversation with those teachers in math and PE to get them started. Maybe then we can figure out a solution to their needs together.

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