Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Nice Suprise

a former student holding up a book we made when he was in first grade
Last week I was went to the Grade 3-4 room either to get something, or to see what they were doing, and happened to enter the room with some papers. One paper had my current unit on it, and one observant girl recognised the unit and said she enjoyed that when she learned it. She said she remembered the book we made. Just then the boy sitting next to her said he still had the book, and the next day he brought it in.

That "book" began as a presentation to allow students to show their knowledge and understanding. During the project though, I felt that the technology got in the way of learning, and it became more of a "Google Slides" project than a "demonstrating what we know about rice" project.

That was a lesson for me that has aways stuck when I consider implementing technology into my lessons and I am grateful for having learned it the hard way.

Having the students remember the book, and knowing some kept it felt good though. It doesn't change how the project went, but I feel better knowing some still had it around to use as a future reference.

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