Friday, January 13, 2017

Using Trello in MYP Design

I started using Google Classroom for the first time this year. Foolishly, I thought students knew how to use it, and assignments started coming in that were in the wrong format or getting "lost".

I was doing some resource gathering for collaboration tools and found that Trello has and education page that gives some examples of how it is used in classrooms to facilitate collaboration, but when I saw the example of the writing process, I thought I need to try this in Design.

The MYP Design Cycle is less of a cycle, and more of a linear process. Yes, students should be able to jump back and forth, but in reality, they go step by step.

(I do realize the way I am teaching plays a huge role in this. And that gives me an idea to let students go through the cycle as they please as long as they, in a way of their choice, "hit" the criterion.)

Each student is assigned a card to which they attach their design document with all the criteria. If they have a presentation, they can save it in their Drive and link to it. Images and annotations are also a part of the document.

As the students are graded, I move them along the design process adding labels for quick communication if needed for missing work, or to come talk to me, or one for if they need help.

It is not perfect, so far it is working well. I like that everything is in one place, the process is visual, and due dates are visual as well. 

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