Sunday, March 29, 2015

The 4 C's - This Week's Unit (That Was Two Weeks Ago)

  • What are the digital age skills and how do they enhance the learning experience?
  • How do you coach educators to integrate these digital age skills seamlessly into learning activities?

This week's learning module from the Coaching Digital Learning MOOC is about the 4 C's. (This was two weeks ago, but I got behind.)
  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Collaboration
  3. Creativity
  4. Communication

These skills are referred to as "21st Century Skills" and are associated with technology, but aren't they skills you would want to allow your students to experience even if you weren't using technology?

This week's first discussion question was to choose one of the 4 C's that we thought was the most important and answer the question:
What benefits for student learning do you see in integrating this digital age skill [collaboration] at your school? 
I think all four are important skills, and there are probably more like time management, self motivation, etc, but I chose collaboration simply because I feel that technology has had the biggest impact on the skill. 

The biggest question I had was: How can I plan for these skills and when in the planning process should I do it?

I suppose it is the same as planning for the ATLs.

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