Tuesday, May 3, 2011


When I think of "inquiry" I think of digging deeper by asking questions. This is a big world and there are many things here that require more thought.

Recently I have read some chatter online about how Google is turning people of conversation and turning them into looking for the quick answer. I am guilty of this myself. I often jump online to find the answer to a question I, others, or my students might have. I think that inquiry has an element of wondering/pondering/taking time to think of the answer when possible instead of jumping to it.

When I thought about it more, and slept on it, I think that inquiry is finding answers through a journey. Much like Dorothy in Oz and her initial quest to find out how to get home, at the end of her journey she had learned much more than that. Students can also go on a journey in their studies and the result could be learning much more than they intended.

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