Saturday, October 10, 2015

Getting Started on Twitter

"Just do it!" is something I heard a lot when I was starting on Twitter. But it's easier said than done.

Know Who to Follow
There are a few ways to follow people. Follow those you find or are recommended to you. Once you find some interesting people, see which hashtags they are posting to, or take a look at who they follow.

Steps to Build Networks
Building a PLN will take time and effort, but it is very much worth the time and effort. Once your PLN is built, you will have a network of people who know the information you need to know, and will be there to share ideas and resources with you.

Since I am new in my role of a tech coach, I reached out to my PLN (Most of whom happen to be tech coaches themselves and I can't tell if it was a conscience effort to engage with them. It could have been me dressing for the job I wanted. (See below)

Steps to take on Twitter

This is what I generally did when I started Twitter. I am not saying this is the best way though.

1. Lurk
Just watch and read at first.

2. Retweet and Curate
You can gain credibility by sharing content you find from others.

3. Reply
Start replying to what others say.

4. Ask / Answer Questions
The power of Twitter is in the community. Tap into it. You will get when you give.

5. Join Chats
Twitterchats are one hour to a week chats that revolve around a topic. They are a powerful way to learn and build relationships.

6. Generate your own content

Day 2 of the #ISEdChat - this would not have happened with one person working alone

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